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Who Wore It Better? : Laugh-Inducing Style Comparisons

The world is full of random, crazy events. The sheer variety of outcomes for any given event will astound you. To assume a predetermined course of events is unrealistic. This occurrence of coincidental events is always unexpected. When something makes us laugh so hard that it becomes an obsession, you know it has a wacky sense of humor.

Check out these 20 hilarious "Who Wore It Better?" Pictures. You will laugh out loud at these comparisons. If you find this list entertaining please share with your friends.

#1. I Cannot Believe She Stole That Brush.

Who Wore It Better  Laugh-Inducing Style Comparisons
Image Source: kansascity
#2. Clearly, the Infant Won This Contest.

Image Source: Fameflynet

#3. Unquestionably The Highlight Pen Of The Year

Image Source: reddit.com

#4. This is merely an image of a carpet; I do not comprehend.
Image Source: reddit.com

#5. No one in the universe could possibly be more attractive than that burrito.

Image Source: IvankaTrump
#6. Lil Wayne Or E.T.? Who wore it better was humorous, wasn't it?

Image Source: gettyimages

#7. Rather Than Lady Gaga Or This Patio Heater?

Image Source: gettyimages

#8. Which One Is Worse, This Guy Or The Airport Carpet?

Image Source: agrimisadventures

#9. What is more similar to a caterpillar? Who wore it better? 

Image Source: bugguide

#10. This Ear of Corn Or Donald Trump?

Image Source: MrLXC

#11. This is where she belongs

Image Source: reddit.com

#12. Kim Kardashian Or Danny Devito As A Penguin? Who wore it more humorously?

Image Source: gettyimages

#13. This onion bag, or Kim Kardashian? Who wore it more humorously?

Image Source: imgur.com

#14. Steak Or Justin Bieber?

#15. Which is better: He-Man or Nicki Minaj?

Image Source: Amazon

#16. No idea what's going on here, it's just a picture of three shopping bags.

Image Source: reddit.com

#17. Who Would You Rather Have, Me Or A Tissue Box?

Image Source: imgur.com

#18. This Lady Or An iPhone Case?

Image Source: reddit.com

#19. A little Boy Or This Fire Hydrant?

Image Source: reddit.com

#20. This Woman Or Homer Simpson? Who wore it more humorously?

Image Source: amazon

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