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40+ Hilarious Wildlife Photos of 2018 Announced, Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day


If you're looking for a good laugh, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is the perfect place to start. This annual contest showcases animals in some of the most unexpected and humorous situations, capturing their personalities in ways you've never seen before. The finalists for 2018 have been announced, and they are sure to make you smile.

Founded by Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards aim to use humor to raise awareness for wildlife conservation. With only 41 entries making it to the final round out of over 2000 submissions, the competition is fierce. However, the quality of the images continues to improve each year, according to Sullam. He notes that the photographers are a mix of professionals and amateurs, allowing for a wide variety of animals to be photographed.

The organizers believe that even the smallest actions can make a difference in wildlife conservation. By following Born Free on social media, supporting them financially, sharing their posts, or purchasing the book, individuals can help raise awareness and support for the cause.

The competition is divided into various categories, and the winners will be selected based on their technical excellence and engaging content. The overall winners will be announced at the Awards Night at Foyles in Charing Cross, London, on November 15th, with an expert panel making the final decision. Additionally, there is an Affinity Photo People's Choice Award, giving voters a chance to select their favorite photo and win an iPad.

Without further ado, here are the top 20+ funniest wildlife photos of 2018 that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face:

More info: Website | Facebook | Born Free | Book | People’s Choice Award

#1. Hey Girls 

#2. The Penguin Brothers

#3. Guffaw

#4. Walrus Breath

#5. The smiling blue shark

#6. The rabbit hides its face in shame

The rabbit hides its face in shame

#7. So what happened after that?

So what happened after that

#8. The chick that dances and sings

#9. Should Have Gone To Specsavers

#10. I think the honeymoon is over

#11. Dances with bears

#12. The perfect pillow

#13. Iguana's Tango Dance

#14. A coastal brown bear cub with a headache

#15. Morning stretching exercises

#16. Spy frog

#17. The Singing Moose

#18. Dancing deer

#19. The Yawn

#20. Ashamed

#21. The Smiling  elephant

#22. The flying hyena

#23. Surprised lemur

#24. Tango

#25.Flying kick

#26. Bullies

#27. I'm hiding Find me if you can

#28. Cheeky

#29. Yoga Bear

#30. Crouching Tiger Sneaking Moose

#31. Look at the boo

#32. Drive safe

#33. Hot Kiss

#34. Black Skimmer gang

#35. Have A Headache

#36. Mother Returned From Her Parents Meeting From School

#37. Split

#38. Rhinopeacock

#39. Happy

#40. Caught in the act

#41. Wildlife Photograbear

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