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Animeyed II: When Animals and Humans Become One

 Flora Borsi, a talented artist and photographer, has taken the world by storm with her innovative self-portrait project, Animeyed II. This unique series features Flora sharing her eye with a range of animals, creating a striking visual experience that captures the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom.

The Innovative Self-Portraits

In this series, Flora shares the limelight with a variety of animals, rather than making it all about herself. She is dressed in makeup and costume to match her subjects, ranging from a fluffy bunny to a tiny bug. What makes these portraits stand out is how seamlessly Flora merges with the animals, as if they are one entity. The end result is a stunning display of creativity and artistry.

A Personal Connection

For Flora, some of the animals in the series hold a special significance because of the bond she has with them. The black swan, in particular, is her favorite. “They're treated in the animal world how I've been treated in the past. Not accepted for being different,” she shared in an online interview. In the portrait featuring the black swan, Flora created a dramatic feathery eye through digital editing, uniting herself with the animal.

A Greater Purpose

Beyond the striking visuals, Flora's Animeyed and Animeyed II projects serve a greater purpose - to remind us to treat all animals with care and respect. “The similarity of animals to humans is symbolized in this series. I wanted to draw attention to the beauty of the animal world and to demonstrate the uniqueness of each species' features,” she explained. By showcasing the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom, Flora hopes to inspire people to treat animals with the care and respect they deserve.

In conclusion, Animeyed II is a testament to Flora Borsi's creativity and vision as an artist. By merging herself with a range of animals, she creates a stunning visual experience that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the animal kingdom. But beyond the aesthetics, Flora's project serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of treating all animals with care and respect. In a world where humans and animals coexist, we must learn to appreciate and value the beauty of every living creature, from the tiniest bug to the majestic black swan.

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