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These truckers pulled over to help a newborn elephant who suddenly appeared thirsty.

 It was only him and the silence. They rescued him and brought him to a safe location.

In the spring of 2017, a crew of truck drivers passing through Botswana came across a helpless baby elephant. The drivers also took the elephant to a nearby sanctuary while they refilled her water buckets, showing how much they cared for her.

The Dodo reports that these South African truck drivers were going about their normal daily when they came upon a damaged bridge. Suddenly, a newborn elephant arrived, and the drivers had to stop to see if it was okay.

Without her mother or her herd of elephants, she had no way to defend herself. The drivers were fortunate enough to notice that the 3-week-old elephant seemed parched, so they allowed the baby animal drink roughly 30 liters (L) from one of their water bottles.

The courageous group of truckers, however, didn't want to stop there and leave the baby elephant on the side of the road without shelter, nourishment, or a family.

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The newborn elephant was reportedly transferred into a car, as reported by The Dodo. They deviated from their original plan and transported her to the Elephant Sands reserve in Botswana. One expert thinks you made the correct choice there.

Paul Oxton, director of the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, says that "baby elephants are notoriously sensitive." Even if she has been given excellent care and at first seems strong, it may be some time before we can say that she has fully recovered.

Because of their dwindling numbers and other threats including habitat degradation and human abandonment, elephants are more at risk of ivory poaching, says National Geographic.

In reality, over the previous decade, 144,000 elephants in the 15 African countries investigated for one report have perished due to habitat degradation and poaching. The truck drivers' decision to take the baby elephant to a sanctuary, though, should keep her reasonably secure.

Oxton also attested to the relative success of Botswana's efforts to protect animals.

When asked about Botswana's animal conservation efforts, Oxton told The Dodo, "in our judgment, Botswana as a whole has one of the most impressive, ethical, and caring wildlife conservation policies in the world." Oxton said that he had faith that

Botswana is a small country with a population of slightly more than 2 million. However, a large number of beautiful wild species, such as elephants, call this place home as well.

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NPR reports that there are approximately 130,000 elephants living in the country, making it the world's largest elephant population.

After being relocated from Elephant Sands to another shelter, Elephants Without Borders, the elephant, who is now about three years old and no longer a baby, is doing well, according to an update from The Dodo.

A friend of the drivers, Chantelle Beyleveld, originally released the video to "show the people that truckers also have a heart and will go out of their way to help," as she said in an email to The Dodo.

In December of 2020, a baby elephant was hit by a car while crossing the street, but a Thai man managed to preserve its life.

Mana Srivate, as reported by Reuters, has worked in the emergency services for the past 26 years. The newborn elephant was travelling with an adult elephant herd when it was hit by a motorcycle in the eastern province of Chanthaburi.

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The baby elephant was unresponsive, but the motorcyclist was unharmed when Srivate arrived.

The man was performing CPR on the injured elephant when he heard the elephants approaching. Srivate, who talked to Reuters, said, "I have the instinct to rescue lives, but I was concerned the entire time because I could hear the mother and other elephants wailing for the youngster."

If the mother elephant saw the person cradling her injured child, the situation may quickly escalate.

Srivate had to make a quick choice despite the fact that he had never performed CPR on an elephant before.

He stated in the same interview from December of 2020 that he "assumed where an elephant heart would be positioned based on human thinking and a video clip I saw online." There was tension as Srivate performed CPR and watched for approaching adult elephants.

Srivate's efforts, thankfully, bore fruit. When the newborn elephant moved, he said, "I almost cried." This man's quick thinking and decisive response in the face of danger are truly remarkable.

Thankfully, the baby elephant returned to its mother and no harm came to either the man or the elephant. We may take heart in the fact that good individuals are keeping an eye out for these stunning creatures, according to the accounts that have been shared.

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